Friday, September 16, 2005

Input and Output at a new level

In today's class I brought in examples of unusual input and output devices. Admittedly, practically everyone has seen a keyboard, monitor and mouse before so I needed something that would get students' attention.

As an alternate input device, I brought in a Nintendo PowerGlove. I have used it to play Tetris, but it has limitations that would keep me from using it for more than 10 or 15 minutes at a time. In the 90's a bunch of computer/tech/hobbyists were trying to get them to connect to their computer to make "home-brew" virtual reality systems. Some of them worked too!

An interesting output device that could go along with the PowerGlove is a head mounted display (HMD). The one I brought in was an old VFX1 Headgear by a company called Forte, but now that same company is still producing top of the line HMDs. You can visit their website here.

After checking this page on their video eyewear, I was reminded of the wearable computer movement. Maybe we can take a look at that in future lectures.

Other links on alternative input devices:
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EyeGaze Eye Tracking system:


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